Frequently Asked Questions

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Continuing Education FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for my CE (Continuing Education) credit to be approved?

You will receive credit within 15 days of the date of your submission. Providers are

required to submit credits within 30 days of completing a course.

2. How many hours of CE are required in Missouri?

8 hours every two years are required by Missouri Department of Insurance

3. How many CE credits is one course worth?

One credit will be awarded for each 50 minutes of the achievement of a Classroom

Course done by attendance or achievement of a Self Study Course done by taking an

exam and passing.

4. What is the difference between a Classroom Course and Self Study Course?

Classroom Course- either a live webinar or recorded live webinar where one can attend

a virtual setting.

Self-Study Course- attendee receives a handout and then takes an exam with 25 multiple

choice questions. The attendee must pass the exam with 23 correct answers in order to

obtain the credit.

5. How do I earn my credits?

All the following must be complete to earn credit for taking a course:

• Be sure to include your license or NPN number when you register for a class.

Without this information credit cannot be submitted

• For Classroom Course- you must stay logged in for the full duration of the

webinar. Our platform maintains all of your activity. Failure to comply with

watching the full webinar could lead to CE credit being denied.

• For Self Study Course- use the handouts that are provided, complete the test,

and receive a passing score of 23 or better.

6. What is the fee for each CE course per hour?

$40.00 per credit hour course = ANTIC Agents

$60.00 per credit hour course= Non-ANTIC users

7. Can I take a course more than once?

No. In order to achieve credit, you must only take the course one in your in your two year

license cycle.

8. Do we provide discounts?

No. Due to Department of Insurance regulations, we must charge a fee for all CE that we


9. Whom should one contact with encountering technical difficulties, account issues,

requesting password reset, or any or issues with the site?

Please contact: or

We will address each individual situation and help to obtain a solution within 24 hours.